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.لمشاهدة الأسعار والعروض، قم الآن بإنشاء حساب سريع
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About Us


PES is running all Engineering services related to Electrical, Mechanical and Pneumatic sectors, at a wide range of industrial, residential and commercial fields, with high professionalism, accuracy, safe and competitive rates.


Mission statement: Our reputation among our domestic and overseas customers leads us to strive to keep PES at the highest level of development and technology. Despite the exceptional conditions world is living, we always strive to train and develop our team, and raise its technical skills and professional level, to maintain and keep up our philosophy, "reliability". Industries witness for the accuracy of our performance, quality products and services, they pay tribute to our concern for safety and environment through energy saving systems and devices and team behaviors. Our performance quality guarantees us exceptional returns.


Vision statement: PES aims to expand their market field and place, having the best reputation for a manpower engineering services company, and to extend sections and teams among with developing our power quality systems, keeping highest technological levels, through our planned technical training center.


Products & Services

Solar Power System, Power & Energy Saving Systems, Power Factor Correction Systems, Harmonic Filtering Systems, Engineering Services, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Manpower Services, Consultancy Services.